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The Benefits of Mediation for Separated Parents.

The Benefits of Mediation for Separated Parents.

For parents who are separated, sorting out arrangements for your children with your ex-partner can sometimes be a daunting and difficult process. Not only do these plans impact on your own living arrangements, but most importantly that of your children. As a parent, your children’s wellbeing is a priority, so the last thing you want to do is cause them further distress during this difficult time by engaging in situations of conflict with the other parent. If you feel you may be headed down this path and are struggling to communicate with your ex-partner in a constructive way, mediation may be the best way forward.

In short, mediation is a series of discussions between both parents with the presence of a third-party mediator who is there to facilitate the conversation and to encourage you to resolve your dispute. If, for example, you come to an agreement in mediation in relation to the time you each spend with your children, this will be recorded in a Memorandum of Understanding.

Mediation can prevent the need for Court intervention, which can be expensive and time consuming. Mediators can provide impartial assistance and support to both parents in sorting out arrangements that suit the whole family and if appropriate ensuring a structure is in place which is maintainable to prevent hostility in future circumstances.

Here are some of the reasons why mediation may be the best option for separated parents:

  • Both parents are present in the meetings meaning plans are open to negotiation to ensure both parties are satisfied with the outcome.
  • It is child focused, meaning the children are at the forefront of the conversation.
  • Mediation can save time, often taking only several sessions, which can prevent going to Court which can take several months or more. This can also mean less money than if going to Court.
  • As a mediator, we have a duty to assist both parents on an even-handed basis so legal information and guidance is given to benefit both parties. Because clients come to mediation often having their own solicitors, mediators will help them understand the options available and reality check any proposed outcomes.

So why should you choose mediation with Consilia Mediation?

Our highly accredited mediators at Consilia understand the unique range of family circumstances when parents have split and how difficult it can be to find a common objective for the whole family. It is also appreciated at Consilia that costs are an important consideration, and parties may be eligable for our fee assistance scheme.

Our assistance with fees aims to ensure that all parties have the opportunity to discuss and explore options in mediation when in such a vulnerable situation, and reflects the commitment and dedication the team has in ensuring we help as many families as possible towards a happier and healthier future.

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